Black Shoe Collection //

Doc Martens Boots– These boots are by far my favourite pair of shoes to wear. They’re so incredibly comfortable to wear and walk around in. Also, these boots are part of the vegan collection they have. I first chose them because they were more matt than the original pair but found out later on that they were part of the vegan range and were £10 more expensive. However, this did not put me off buying them. Because they’re vegan, this means they aren’t real leather but I haven’t found this to be an issue.

Ankle Boots– I think these boots are perfect all year round because they aren’t too low or too high. They don’t make your feet sweat however they keep them warm and the perfect height makes them suitable to wear with skirts and trousers.  Inside they’re soft and cosy and have a strong leather outer. Because they’re smooth on the outside they’re easy to clean if they do get dirty.

Slip-ons– These shoes were a replacement for old school shoes for a while. They were cheap however they weren’t very comfortable as they had very thin soles. This meant that when walking in them, it felt like I was just walking in socks on the ground! Nonetheless, I like the design of these shoes and I think they work great with a detailed outfit because they’re plain. Also, the material of these shoes is soft and velvet like.

Doc Martens 1461 PW– Currently, these are my school shoes and I’m having no problems with them. Apart from the school-shoe-blisters most people experience, I’ve always found Docs flexible to wear as they stretch to your foot shape because they are leather. Docs are very strong and durable shoes however these, in particular, are quite heavy compared to the boots and I find my ankles sometimes hurt from having to carry them on my feet!

Converse– These were also my school shoes aha. I wore these for a good year before having to replace them because of the new ‘leather shoes only’ rule that applied in school. I always found these easy to wear because I could just slip them on and off. The material is strong and, so far, they haven’t ripped or torn.

Nike Trainers– The first thing I noticed about these shoes when I picked them up is that they’re extremely light. These shoes are made for running and the weight of them is impressive and perfect for joggers. I love the simple design of them because they aren’t fussy but simplistic. The thin material on top of the shoes means your feet can breathe when you’re walking around.


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