DIY Star Candle Holders //

These are just a really quick DIY that you can use on a  fireplace, on a dining table or  somewhere handy.  (the pictures are in a funky order but you get the gist). To start off with you will need some cardboard candle holder stars, I got mine from Hobbycraft. I began by painting the bottom of the stars so I could easily do the rest of the sides in one go. Once the bottoms were done I did the sides and top and once they had dried I filled in the middle where the candle would go. The next part is up to you. You can design them however you want to for example, sequins, colourful paint or beads. 

I decided to paint the top and middle of one star, put spots on another, paint half the sides on the third and I outlined the top and painted the wall in the middle for the last. I chose yellow because It’s a bright colour  but you could use anything that matches your current decor.

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