Five for Fall //

When the weather becomes colder and the autumn colours start to appear, I like to switch towards deeper tones and berry shades. I love matching my lips to the colours of the trees and the rich sunsets. To give you some insight into the type of colour tones I go for, here are five shades I turn to when I’m unsure.

Binky Collection // Merlot

I absolutely love this deep berry shade. I bought it at Clothes Show Live last year and haven’t found the right time to use it until now. I can definitely say I will be wearing this lipstick a lot throughout autumn.

No7 // Tangerine Touch

If you prefer lighter shades or they suit you more, this is the shade for you. Tangerine Touch is a light peachy orange colour that still intertwines with the autumn tones and I think it looks great with a dark autumn outfit (this lipstick looks pink in the pictures but it looks more orange like on my hand aha).

17 // Unknown Name

This lipstick is a stronger tone of red but still has the typical berry shades. I think this is perfect if you wanted to go slightly bolder or braver.

No7 // Winter Berry

I know what you’re thinking….’Winter’ berry?? Well… In my opinion I believe that berry colours fit both winter and autumn  which is perfect because then you can go on wearing your favourite lipsticks for a few months. I love this sparkly purple colour because its light on my lips and feels great

Exhale Cosmetics // Glitzy Copper

So I’ve recently become obsessed with this golden shade I think it looks gorgeous. It fits in perfectly with the autumn brown colours and goes with almost anything I wear.

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