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My recent post about lipsticks for the summer time has become one of my most popular posts so in the theme of make-up this post is about the perfect summer glosses. During summer the weather can become sweltering and sticky so a heavy lipstick isn’t always everyones favourite lip choice. During the daytime a light weight lipgloss can be more beneficial to keep your lips moisturised as well as glammed up.

Gold by Giles ‘Berry’– If all you want is a slight shine instead of any colour on your lips then this is the perfect light gloss as it’s moisturising and clear. The gloss also come in thin packaging and is easy to slot away in pockets. (I’m also giving away another of these in a giveaway!)

Plastique High Shine Lipgloss by Collection– Similar to the last shade this gloss has a slight glitz to it and is marginally sparkly. I love the packaging and stripes underneath the cap because they add a bit more detail to a simple product.

Lip Lights by W7– This is one of the most amazing glosses I’ve ever come across. Not only is it moisturising and a light pink she but it also has lights and a mirror. Therefore if you’re out in the evening you don’t need to find a lit room with a mirror to apply.

No7 High Shine Lipgloss ‘Whisper’– I love this gloss because it has a slight nude tinge to it’s colour and is also moderately sparkly and glints when it’s sunny.

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